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Dress Codes

Dress Code Policy for Clubhouse and Surrounding Grounds

GENERAL POLICY: A dress code is essential to assure each member a cordial atmosphere to entertain friends and family while showing other members a comparable level of respect. All members, their families, guests, and other persons shall, at all times, be properly and completely attired and groomed so as to maintain the dignity and decorum of the Club.
CLUBHOUSE ATTIRE: Members, their families, guests, and other persons shall adhere to:
For the Clubhouse, proper attire means:
  • Minimum proper attire for men in the Clubhouse shall include a dress shirt or collared shirt and slacks. Men’s Bermuda shorts may be worn in the bar, patio and deck areas only and not in the Dining Room.  Men’s shirts are to be tucked in, unless they are of a style designed and tailored to be worn untucked (e.g. Tommy Bahama or UNTUCKit shirts).
  • Women may wear dresses and skirts of conservative lengths, business suits, pant suits or dress slacks with appropriate tops.  Dresses without collars or sleeves are permitted when weather appropriate.
  • Blue jeans of a presentable nature and on the dressier side (jeans must be free of distressing, holes or tears) are permissible in the bar, patio and deck area only and not in the Dining Room.
  • Attire such as sweatpants and sweatshirts, including hoodies, ICC branded or not, such as those worn for paddle are not permissible in the Clubhouse (except the lower level, which includes the locker rooms, billiards room, fitness center, hallways surrounding the Pro Shop and the Pro Shop itself). Locker Rooms are available for changing into appropriate Clubhouse Attire if dining afterwards.
  • Hats/Caps:  Men and Women are asked to remove their hats/caps/visors in the Clubhouse.  One exception is that women may wear brimmed dress hats, when the holiday or special event precludes it, not sport hats/visors in the Clubhouse.  Hats/caps/visors may be worn in the previously aforementioned lower level of the clubhouse. When outside, all hats must be worn bill forward. For purposes of clarity, hats/visors worn to or from golfing or racket sports into the Clubhouse are not allowable.

Exceptions to Dress Code are permitted only through approved functions organized by the House Committee, the Golf Committee or other ICC Committee (Halloween, themed events, Scotches with themes, etc).  Additionally, the General Manager may use his/her discretion in seating Members in the Dining Room if no appropriate bar or patio seating is available based on attire.
We ask that our Members assume the responsibility to inform their families and guests as to the contents of the Dress Code, both golf and Clubhouse, so that it does not fall solely upon the Staff to do so once the guests arrive at Irondequoit Country Club.

  • First Offense:  Email from GM to Member informing that they or a member of their family/guest were out of Dress Code with a copy of Policy for reference.
  • Second Offense: GM to send notification to House Committee Chair, a Board Representative, for discussion of Policy with Member
  • Third Offense: 30-day suspension of privileges  

Golf Dress Code

The following dress requirements are to be adhered to on the golf course, practice range, and the practice green:
GOLF ATTIRE:  The primary purpose of a Dress Code policy is to ensure that all golfers present themselves in a neat and appropriate fashion.  Our policy applies to the golf course and practice facilities and is in effect all year round.  Dress guidelines are as follows:
For the Golf Course, proper attire means:
  • Sleeved golf or sport shirts with collars or mock turtlenecks should be worn at all times
  • Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts with a collar or crewneck and sleeved golf shirts are acceptable without a collar
  • Golf shirts must remain tucked in at all times or for ladies, must have a fitted waistband
  • Golf slacks (including golf capris for women) or golf shorts of appropriate length.  For men, Bermuda shorts shall be no more than 2” above the top of the knee, and for women, golf shorts, skirts or skorts shall be no more than 6” above the knee.  Golf joggers (fitted around the ankles) are allowed so long as they have belt loops and do not have any visible drawstrings.
  • Leggings are permissible underneath golf skirts, skorts or shorts, not as a pair of pants
  • Soft spiked golf shoes or sneakers are required
  • Hats and visor are to be worn with the bill forward at all times
  • Protective wind and rain suits/gear in good taste are permitted when required by weather conditions.  ICC branded hooded sweatshirts are allowed when weather permitting and, in keeping with current trends in golf.

*All tournament organizers are responsible for communicating the dress code to their participants.
Never acceptable on the Golf Course regardless of gender are the following:
  • T-shirts, tank tops or crop tops
  • Short shorts or short skorts, walking shorts (e.g. tennis length)
  • Fitness attire (jogging suits, gym shorts, yoga pants, warm up pants, shorts or pants without belt loops)
  • Hooded sweatshirts that are not golf hoodies are not allowable.  Ex. Large Logo Hoodies, Sports Teams, etc.
  • Cargo shorts with non-flush pockets
  • Denim or swimwear of any kind
  • Metal spiked golf shoes
  • Dress shoes, sandals, slides, slippers or bare feet

For the pool and surrounding area:
Proper and tasteful swimming attire must be worn when using the pool facility, remembering ICC is a family Club. Any form of underwear/undergarments, thong-style or see-through swimwear is prohibited. Robes, beach jackets or tops must be worn to/from the pool areas and other outside areas like Clubhouse or parking lot. A towel, in lieu of a robe, jacket or top is not acceptable. For purposes of clarity, the Snack Bar area is considered to be within the pool area and robes, beach jackets or tops do not need to be worn when walking from pool to Snack Bar for food or drinks.
With these above in mind, the following items are inappropriate in any section of the Clubhouse (locker rooms excluded), regardless of gender:

  • Exposed undergarments
  • “See-through” fabric without proper lining
  • Bare midriffs or revealing items of clothing
  • Halter tops, tank tops, tube or crop tops
  • Cut off shorts, short shorts, gym or jogging shorts, shorts with drawstrings
  • Fitness/athletic attire (jogging suits, gym shorts, yoga pants, warm up pants)
  • Shorts or skirts with a hemline shorter than mid-thigh
  • Hooded sweatshirts or hooded shirts (unless they are Irondequoit Country Club branded)
  • Clothing with large brand names, images, slogans, or logos
  • T-shirts
  • Torn, sloppy, or un-tailored clothing and footwear
  • Bare feet, rubber flip flops or plastic athletic slides, slippers