Irondequoit Country Club has a storied tradition of golf dating back over 100 years!  Today, our men, women and junior golfers enjoy an active, fun and competitive golf experience that allows players of all abilities to develop their golf skills as well as lasting friendships.  With a wide variety of formats throughout the golf season, there is something for everyone!  

Looking for information for the Commisso Scratch Invitational?


Compliance with the following rules is required of all members, their family members, and guests:
1.    Replace all divots and press them down. Turf cut or displaced by a player must be replaced at once and pressed down with the foot.
2.    Rake and smooth bunkers immediately after use to remove footprints and depressions. Rakes are to be left outside of the bunker as much as possible and out of play.
3.    Repair ball marks on putting surfaces immediately upon reaching the green.
4.    You must allow faster players to play through.
5.    Do not stand close or directly behind a player when the player is making a stroke.
6.    In a match, the player who has the honor should be allowed to play before his opponent tees his ball. In all other play, making sure other players are not at risk, play "Ready Golf" to keep the pace of play moving.
7.    No player should play from a tee until the players in front have played their second strokes and are out of range, nor play up to any putting green, until the players on the green have holed out and moved off of the green.
8.    Players who have holed out should promptly leave the putting green.
9.    Players looking for a lost ball should immediately invite the match behind them to pass through. They should signal to the players following to pass and having given such a signal should not continue playing until those following have passed and are out of range.
10.    Any player throwing a golf club during play, or any behavior unbecoming a player will be subject to censure, and possible suspension of golf privileges.

Cart Rules

The use of a riding golf cart on the course obligates the user to obey the following cart rules and regulations:
1.    90 Degree Rule across fairways when possible
2.    Stay off tees and their graded approaches.
3.    Stay to outer side of bunkers.
4.    Stay off wet and soft turf areas.
5.    Cart paths are to be used, where available, especially when wet conditions exist.
6.    Please stay clear of ground under repair 
7.    No more than two riders per cart.
8.    Any junior, 18 and over, with a valid driver's license, may operate a cart unaccompanied.
9.    Any junior, under 18, with a valid driver's license, may operate a cart only in the company of his/her parent.
10.    No junior under 16 may operate a cart at any time.
11.    Members may not use their own carts.