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Irondequoit Country Club has a storied tradition of golf dating back over 100 years!  Today, our men, women and junior golfers enjoy an active, fun and competitive golf experience that allows players of all abilities to develop their golf skills as well as lasting friendships.  With a wide variety of formats throughout the golf season, there is something for everyone!  

Looking for information for the Commisso Scratch Invitational?


Compliance with the following rules are required of all members, their family members, and guests:

A. Replace all divots and press them down. Turf cut or displaced by a player must be replaced at once and pressed down with the foot.

B. Rake and smooth bunkers immediately after use to remove footprints and depressions. Rakes are to be left outside of bunkers and out of play as much as possible.

C. Repair ball marks on putting surfaces immediately upon reaching the green.

D. You must allow faster players to play through. A group that falls one (1) hole behind must allow faster players to play through.

E. In a match, the player who has the honor should be allowed to play before the opponent tees the ball. In all other play while first, making sure other players are not at risk, play "ready golf'” to keep the pace of play moving.

F. No player should play from a tee until the players in front have played their second strokes and are out of range, nor play up to any putting green, until the players on the green have holed out and moved off the green.

G. Players looking for a lost ball should immediately invite the group behind them to pass through if the time of search exceeds 3 minutes.  After giving the signal to the group behind to pass, the group should not continue playing until those playing through have passed and are out of range.

H. Any member throwing a golf club during play, or any behavior unbecoming of a member will be subject to censure, and possible suspension of golf privileges.

I. Except in Club-sponsored competitive events, members wishing to play music during the course of play may do so only when: (a) all other members, if any, in the same foursome or group consent, and (b) the volume is kept sufficiently low such that it is not audible to others on the course. Other players on the course are expected to politely inform those playing music if it is audible to them, in which case members playing music are to lower the volume accordingly.


Golf carts are to be used for golfing activities only. They are not to be used for any other purpose unrelated to golf. The use of a riding golf cart on the course obligates the user to obey the following cart rules and regulations:

A. Follow roping and or signage around greens, avoiding riding on approaches.

B. Stay a minimum of 10 yards outside bunker banks.

C. Cart paths are to be used, where available, especially when wet conditions exist.

D. During soft turf conditions, carts are to avoid roped areas and follow all directional signage.

E. No more than two riders per cart.

F. Any junior, 18 and over, with a valid driver's license, may operate a cart unaccompanied.

G. Any junior, under 18, with a valid driver's license, may operate a cart only in the company of his/her parent.

H. No junior under 16 may operate a cart at any time.

I. No more than one child at least four (4) years of age is allowed to ride in a golf cart at any one time and may only do so when accompanied by and under the direct supervision of an adult member.

J. Carts are assigned by the Golf Staff.

K. Members are responsible for any injury or damages incurred when operating the carts.

L. The Golf Course Superintendent has the authority to restrict cart usage due to weather or course conditions.

M. Carts are assigned by the Golf Staff.